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    Adjustment method of leveling machine

        Under normal circumstances, leveling machine equipment in the factory, will be completed according to customer requirements debugging, this description is limited to equipment fine-tuning.
        1, from the sheet leveling machine traction roll into the direction of the board, after the sheet formation of fine tuning.
        2, if the plate has upward, may be appropriate to adjust the leveling machine after the handwheel rotate upward 1-2 circle.
        3, if the plate presents the phenomenon of bending, can be adjusted after leveling machine hand wheel downward rotation 1-2 circle.
        4, if the plate transverse bending phenomenon, can be adjusted on the leveling machine supporting roller adjustment bolt, right and left sides of the bolt upward adjustment 1-2 ring, intermediate support roller down adjustment 1-2 ring.
        5, if the school board uneven phenomenon, may be appropriate to adjust the leveling machine handwheel rotation 1-2 ring, hand wheel should 1-2 turn down at the same time.
        6, if the horizontal plate can be adjusted upward, the supporting roller leveling machine on the left and right sides of the adjusting bolt, bolt down 1-2 ring, middle supporting roll up loose 1-2 circle.
        7, leveling machine traction roller cylinder pressure to adjust in 2-2.5MPa, prevent plate due to excessive pressure produce indentation.
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